River Town FCU
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Regular Share Account Fees
Excessive Withdrawal Fee
$3.00 per Withdrawal - After five (5) per month
Club Account Excessive Withdrawl (Christmas/Vacation)
$3.00 per Withdrawal - After three (3) per month

Christmas Club II Accounts

Withdrawal Fee
$15.00 per Withdrawal
Share Draft/Checking Account Fees
No Other Activity-using as check cashing service:
$499.00 and less
$500.00 to $1,999.00
Over $2,000.00
NSF Check Fee
$20.00 per Item
NSF Fee (check paid - account negative)
$25.00 per Item
IRA Account Fees
Annual Fee
No Charge
Other Service Fees
Account Close/Wire Transfer Funds Out
Deposited Item NSF Check Fee
$20.00 per Item
ACH $ to other institutions (ACH Origination) $5.00 to set-up
ACH Return Item Fee
$20.00 per Item
ACH NSF (ACH paid-account negative)
$25.00 per item
Payroll Ded. of ACH DD Net Pay
No Charge
Stop Payment
$25.00 per Request
Stop Payment-Hit (5 Consecutive Items or More)
$30.00 per Request
Statement Copy
$1.00 per page
Share Draft/Check Copy
$3.00 per Item
Overdraft from Share to Checking Account
$5.00 per Transfer
Share Draft/Check Printing
Prices may varied depending on style
Temporary Checks
No Charge for first 8 checks annually, then $0.25 each check
Coin Processing Not Available
Garnishment of Accoutn Levy $30.00
Early Account Closing Fee (w/in 90 days of opening) $15.00
Copy of Cancelled Checks $3.00
Copy of Statement $1.00 per page
Re-Order New Debit Card $15.00
Depositems sent for collection $10.00 per item
Money Order $1.00 each
Cashiers Check $5.00 each
Account Research and Checking Reconcilement
$25.00 per hour - $25.00 Minimum


$2.00 per page

Returned Mail due to bad address $3.00
Dormant Account - If over 18 and no activity for 180 days and less than $25.00 in Share Account $10.00 semi annually
Loan Fees
Loan Application/Update Loan Application
Small Amount Loan Application Fee
Loan Skip Payment
$25.00 only 1x/yr
Refinance Auto (Auto on Books of CU)
$50.00 per item
Regular Loan - Late Fee
$20.00 or 5% of payment - whichever is higher
Safe Deposit Box Fees - Annual Rental
3 x 5
3 x 10
5 x 10
7 x 10
10 x 10
Key Deposit
$10.00 per box
VISA Card Fees
Late Payment Fee
Return Check Payment Fee
No Charge
Application Fee
Late Payment Fee
Minimum Advance Fee
Maximum Number Advance Fee
Non-sufficient Funds
Over-the-credit Limit Fee
Share Value
Par Value of One Share
Notary Service
Accounts with a balance below $25.00 or no activity
Wire Transfer
$15.00 per Transfer
$5.00 per Transfer
$40.00 Each
This fee schedule is subject to change by the Board of Directors.